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Raw Purple Wild Craft Sea Moss
Raw Purple Wild Craft Sea Moss
Raw Purple Wild Craft Sea Moss

Raw Purple Wild Craft Sea Moss

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Our Purple Sea Moss is shipped to us after being hand picked from our professional divers in St. Lucia. It is then dried to preserve all the natural salt from the sea. Irish Sea Moss Contains 92 out of the 102 minerals needed for your body to thrive. 

Also good for:

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Mood/Mental Health Booster - Due to Potassium content which helps to maintain healthy mental & Emotional Function

Great for Sexual Health - a Natural Aphrodisiac

Rich in Zinc, Vitamin E & Folate for sperm production

Helps with a Skin condition - high in Sulfur so it's great for a face mask.

Good for digestion

For Weight Loss - ability to absorb moisture to create a Full feeling.

High in Iodine - which is said to prevent radiation poisoning.


Can be taken up to 2 Tbsps. You can use more if you like.

Ways to use Sea Moss

Add it to you're tea or coffee.
Add it to your smoothie after a workout to regain your energy.
You can bake with it.
Use it as a face-mask to help keep you're skin elasticity.
And there are many more ways to use Irish Sea Moss
Raw Purple Sea Moss,Key Lime,Spring Water