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St. Lucia Raw Irish Sea Moss
St. Lucia Raw Irish Sea Moss

St. Lucia Raw Irish Sea Moss

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Ori Wellness raw wild-crafted Golden Sea Moss is straight from the Caribbeans in waters in St.Lucia to be exact. It contains 92 minerals out of the 102 minerals in which the body needs. Our Wild Crafted Sea Moss is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives. It is never pool grown like some other companies. We strive to bring you the best all natural product straight from the sea and dried naturally by the sun to preserve all of its nutrients. Our sea moss grows far away from large ports that are heavily traveled by boats.You are getting an all natural product grown in safe waters.Stay away from thick salty sea moss bc that is considered fake or pool grown. Dr.Sebi speaks on this. True Raw Wildcrafted Iris Sea Moss should not be thick or salty nor should it smell like chlorine. Those are fake.

Sea Moss Benefits:
Supports the oxygenation of cells
Improves nutrient absorption
Smooths digestive tract
Nourishes & beautifies Hair,Skin, and Nails
Supports joint & tissue health
Strengthens the immune system,
Anti-inflammatory/Antioxidant/Thyroid health/Brain Health
Weight loss/Increased energy/Appetite suppressant
Provides key nutrients during fasting
Supports strong bones/Strengthens connective tissue
Helps eliminate excessive mucus.

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